Hope into Action Northumberland

Hope into Action: Northumberland is in the process of identifying the first property to be bought to house two ex-offenders in North Northumberland. For the first house to become a reality, the charity is actively encouraging people to:

¨ Identify money that is kept in savings, bonds, shares etc and is not likely to be needed in the medium term

¨ Invest for five years in a property which may be purchased by one individual or by a consortium of people who each have a share in the house

Once the house is ready for occupation, investors do nothing else. At the end of five years they may choose to sell their share of the house at current market value or continue with the charity for a further five years.

Hope into Action: Northumberland will:

¨ Pay investors a 2% annual return on their  investment – more than most savings accounts

¨ Find the tenants, mentor them, support them to find appropriate education, training and work, encourage them to access relevant services and encourage them to explore the Christian faith